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KazArtDesign provides the following services:

  • Production facilities design
    Design of Production Facilities
  • Multi-residential complexes & residential buildings design
    Design of Residential Complexes & Buildings 
  • Sports and entertainment buildings, office and commercial Complexes design
    Design of Sport & Entertainment Buildings, Office & Commercial Complexes 
  • Higher education institutions, schools, kindergartens, health objects design
    Design of Higher Education Institutions, Schools, Kindergartens and Health Objects
  • Technically sophisticated buildings and structures in height above 75 meters on the basis of special technical conditions design
    Design of Technically Sophisticated Buildings and Structures With Height Above 75 meters
  • Facilities construction supervision
    Facilities Construction Supervision
  • All stages technical supervision of the project for all the processes of construction and installation works.
    All Stages & Processes Supervision of The Project - From Design to Installation

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