Vocational Technical Schools

  • Astana Construction Management
  • Duration: 2012-2013
  • Area: 12 623 m2
  • Building capacity: 50 714 m3

Purpose: Preparation of skilled workers in occupations that require high educational level

Training Corps

Vocational - technical school for 800 seats in Astana on the Bogenbai batyr avenue represented in form of a complex of buildings interlocked with each other: three training units, a gym, a library and a garage.


Hostel building is a five-storey apartment with two blocks (blocks "A" and "B") interconnected by unit "C" which houses a vestibule group administration, a snack bar, and floor by floor - recreation room and activities and rest rooms.
There are seven two-room sections on each floor of the residential blocks. In each section, there are two and three bed living rooms with shower and toilet. There is kitchen and living room on each floor of "A" and "B" blocks.

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