New State License

We are pleased to announce that KazArtDesign now has 1-st category project engineering State License.

And we are expanding the list of our services: 

Technological design (development of the technological part of construction projects) of public and civil buildings and facilities, including: 

  • For transport infrastructure (designed for public services) and municipal services (except vehicles maintenance buildings and facilities and other production purposes constructions) 
  • For pre-school education, general and special education, boarding schools, training institutions, research  and culture establishments, markets (including pharmacies), health care (treatment and prevention, rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment), catering and consumer services, recreation and sports, tourism, as well as other mixed-use buildings and complexes with various facilities for public purposes 

Design of Engineering systems and networks, including: 

  • Indoor and outdoor lighting systems, power supply up to 0.4 kV and 10 kV 
  • Voltage up to 35 kV, up to 110 kV and above 
  • Trunk oil pipelines, oil products pipelines, gas pipelines (medium and high pressure) 
  • Domestic heating systems (including electrical), ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration
  • Gasification (the low-pressure gas), and their external networks auxiliary objects
  • Domestic plumbing systems (hot and cold water) and sanitation, as well as their external networks auxiliary objects
  • Internal systems of low-power devices (telephones, fire alarm), as well as their external networks

Technological design (development of the technological part for transport constructions), comprising of: 

  • All categories roads

Technological design (development of the technological part) objects production purposes, including: 

  • Tower and mast types constructions
  • Energy industry

Urban design (with the right to design rehabilitation areas of urban planning historic buildings, with the exception of research and restoration works on the history and culture monuments) and planning, including the development of: 

  • Settlements and industrial complexes sewerage schemes, including a centralized domestic collection and removal system, industrial and storm drains, placement of head treatment facilities, evaporators and facilities for the regeneration effluent 
  • Settlements and industrial complexes gas supply schemes, disposable in inter-settlement territories 
  • Settlements Electricity schemes
  • Plan documentation
  • Settlements heating schemes
  • Water supply schemes

Agriculture facilities Technological design (development of the technological part), excluding processing enterprises.

Construction Design (with right to reconstruction of buildings and facilities, and also strengthening of constructions), including:

  • Metal (steel, Aluminum and alloys) constructions
  • Concrete and reinforced concrete, stone constructions
  • Bases and foundations

Architect design of buildings and facilities of 1-st or 2-nd and 3-d responsibility levels (with right to design the architect and restoration works, excluding science-restoration works concerned with historical and culture monuments), including:

  • Objects master plans, territory preparation for engineering works, improvement and organization of landscape

Technological design (development of the technological part of transport construction projects), including:

  • Bridges and bridge crossings, including transport flyovers and multi-level interchanges


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