About KazArtDesign

KazArtDesign LLP, is one of the leading project engineering companies based in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. The Company was founded in 2004 and has established itself as a leading design company and reliable business partner.
Firmly focused on success and prosperity, the Company uses all the latest innovations in architecture and urban design.
Safety and reliability of all construction projects is of crucial concern to us. The Company strictly follows all established standards and requirements, paying great attention to the accuracy of calculations and supervision of construction. The Company consists of an experienced group of highly qualified architects, project managers, developers and designers. And we also attract the best  international consultants.
We value the customer’s time and money by offering ergonomic design and assuring a smooth construction process.
Over the past decade, the Company has successfully completed a large number of industrial, commercial and domestic projects. These include housing as well as utility infrastructure both in the capital and in other regions of the country.
One of the Company's projects "The Martial Arts Palace" is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Astana.

KazArtDesign LLP is a subsidiary company of Verus International Investments B.V. Group as well as Verus Capital LLP and Verus Project Management LLP.
Verus Capital LLP is a real estate company for commercial and residential objects.
Verus Project Management LLP provides strategic management services:

  • Project management with application of the best international practices (PMBOK, IPMA,PMA,P2M)
  • Stakeholders, Integration, Quality, Communication, Risks, Contracts, Finances, Security, Incident, Large Scale Project Management
  • Schedule And Network Diagram Quality And Terms Monitoring
  • Portfolio management (content analysis, cost analysis, terms analysis)

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